Why Do I Keep On?

from by Andrew Isaacs



Why Do I Keep On is probably my favorite track. It's just a very simple, honest confession of the frustration I feel (and I'm guessing we all feel) when I continually go back to things I know will not satisfy.

The next song on the track list (You Have Overcome) is kind of like the answer to Why Do I Keep On. In fact, the progression of all the songs on the album follows the ups and downs of having a relationship with God.


verse 1:
Try, try, try to satisfy my thirst
Dry, dry, dry, this ground is dead and cursed
Why oh why am I back here again?
Why oh why, when I know I'll thirst again

Why do I keep on drinking from a cup all cracked and dry?
Why do I keep on turning from the fountain full of life?

verse 2:
Every day the record plays the same
Every day, shame, shame, shame
Why do I turn my back on You?
Why oh why, when I know I know the truth

I'm running so hard
Been striving so long
My strength is failing
My direction's so wrong
God save me from this road I'm on


from THE REDEEMED RISING UP, released February 1, 2011
Lyrics & Music by Andrew Isaacs
Produced by Ben Patterson, Gary Sun, Jon Uhland
Engineered by Jon Uhland @ Studio 1225

Max Butler - guitars
Pete Canton - bass
Andrew Isaacs - vocals & guitar
Ben Patterson - keys
Paul Revelli - drums
Gary Sun - guitars & vocals



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